Personal accident insurance for emergencies

Personal Accident Insurance

A lot of accidents happen in a day. According to the Center for Disease Control, emergency visits alone reach around 35 million annually. If you have been to the emergency room before, you know that one visit can lead to either hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. This is why financial protection in the form of accident protection is important for many households.

The concept of financial protection is a concept that is not lost among many households. A lot of people in the United States know just how important it is for one to have financial protection especially during times of accidents. 

Accidents happen and we have no control over our life and what will happen in the future. By getting the right personal accident insurance, you can expect that you are able to get financial protection to cover medical expenses in case of an accident as well as provide your family with some assistance in case of accidental death.

Getting accident insurance is tantamount to financial protection and you should get this.

Asking General Questions

Let us address some of the general questions that you may have about personal accident insurance.

What is covered by personal accident insurance?

The coverage depends on the kind of policy that you would get. However, generally, the covered accident list is a catch all provision that covers anything. Some insurances even provide certain property casualty coverages as well.

Personal accident insurance for emergencies

What is the purpose of accident insurance?

The purpose of getting this kind of insurance is for coverage in cases of accidents. Nobody can foresee when an accident will happen, how it will happen, and the things surrounding the event. If you get personal accident insurance, you are sure that you will be covered in case of dismemberment or when you are in need of therapy after the accident. 

It is a very hard situation to be in and the finances would pile up if you are unprepared. With the help of the right accident insurance policy, you will get the right kind of assistance in case of the benefits paid for by the company.

Is personal accident insurance necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. The reason for it has already been discussed in prior discussions.

What is not covered in personal accident insurance?

Much like anything in this world, accident insurance also has its limitations. Let us look at some of the items that are not covered in personal accident insurance.

Self-inflicted injuries 

Self-inflicted injuries are not covered since they are not considered as an unforeseen event. If, in the event that you tried to hurt yourself, you did inflict an injury on yourself, the termination provisions used in the actual policy language of your insurance policies will automatically be considered as executory.

Dental injuries 

Depending on the coverage of your policy, dental injuries are often not covered by the insurance policies. This is because medical plans and dental plans are often sold separately by companies.

Dental not included in Personal accident insurance

Injuries that occur while under the influence or while committing a crime 

If you are driving under the influence of alcohol and you get into an accident, you will probably not get any proceeds or funds from your plan. The same is true if you get into an accident while you are committing a crime.

Accidents that occur as a result of a prior illness 

If you would notice, independent third parties or accredited clinics may conduct your medical exams. If you have a prior illness, you have to declare such illness to your policy agent. If the accident is caused by such prior illness, it may not be covered by the accident insurance.

Protect Your Health Through Health Insurance

A lot of people are asking about the kind of protection that can be done through health insurance. If you are concerned that you may just be throwing money at a pit without getting anything in return, then you are wrong. 

The best thing about health insurance, accident insurance, or anything with the word insurance in it is the fact that it is for your own protection. Your health is protected through the right health insurance policy because it covers the one thing that you would want to protect at all times – your health. 

When you get accident insurance worth a hundred thousand, for example, you have a company to rely on for financial support and payment of your household bills in case you get into an accident and die or get dismembered because of it. 

Physical therapy after an accident is also very expensive and when you spend money that you paid directly from your wallet towards medical bills, you may end up having some problems if the medical issue is for a long time. At least, when you get health insurance or accident insurance, such funds will not be out of pocket expenses. 

Cover Your Medical Expenses

If you get into an accident that requires surgery, outpatient surgery, medical exams, and other expenses, an accident insurance can help cover your medical expenses. An eye injury can get fixed, accident results can be addressed, and your medical needs will be properly paid as long as it is part of the coverage of the insurance policies that you get from the provider.

With that, let us look at the top best personal accident insurance providers in the United States and how you can generally participate in their insurance products and get the right coverage that you may need at any given time.

The Top Best Personal Accident Insurance

AIG insurance1. American International Group, Inc.

American International Group, Inc or AIG is considered as one of the top best personal accident insurance. They offer high insurance coverage at accident insurance plans that have a high coverage and low premium. Dubbed as one of the best for the price, AIG is the leader in terms of making sure that their clients get the best support for their personal accident insurance and health insurance.

With quotes available for online request, this accident insurance provides more than supplemental insurance. It does not cover accidental death and dismemberment though.

The company was established in 1919. As a global company, AIG made sure that they will provide the best services to the clients in the best possible way. They have decided to embrace a more digital approach to their business by ensuring that they can be accessible any time.

Through the website, you may request three levels of coverage such as the basic, enhanced, and the standard insurance coverage that are not only paying cash benefits but also provide out of pocket expenses. 

The basic plan is affordable for many. Major medical coverage may not be provided on the most basic plan but they are at least offering coverage for any accident insurance. The basic plan is the most affordable plan at less than 5 dollars while the standard starts at $13.37. Of course, the prices would vary depending on where you live and such other information related to the plan but these are already great prices for health insurance.

Buddy Insurance2. Buddy Technology, Inc.

Buddy Technology Inc, is the company to beat when it comes to individuals who are looking to get the best on-demand insurance. Their tagline “This Adventure Insurance Is Good News for Risk-Takers” is the perfect showing of what they can offer those who would trust their company.

The story of the company begins in 2017 when a group of friends who love outdoor activities come together to make the insurance company. It is based in Richmond, Virginia and aims to address the on demand and as needed by the individual. The insurance policies are underwritten by the StarNet Insurance Company. 

The customers are able to request online for a quote much like the other insurance companies in the list. The general insurance operations of the company provide benefit payments. It also has accidents covered based on the demand of the client. This accident coverage allows the client to select the length of the coverage as well as the dates that the individual will need coverage for. The insurance company is dubbed as the best on demand insurance company. 

Combined Insurance3. Combined Insurance Company Of America

The Combined Insurance Company of America is considered as the best overall personal accident insurance provider in the list that we are presenting you with today.

In all respects, Combined Insurance Company of America is the best choice overall. It has a long history in the United States with complete nationwide coverage. It is the only insurer in the United States that has the biggest coverage in all 50 states.

It was founded in 1922. The company has survived time and it’s challenges. It has also adjusted to the new norms that came with every single technological advancement. Online quotations are now available and the coverage benefits begin immediately. 

To purchase an accident insurance policy, you may need to contact an agent. The accidental death benefits are not automatic and you need to make sure that all medical expenses and covered accidents are part of the policy.

As of writing, this insurance company has four different types of coverage that individuals would love. They offer policies for individuals, families, and those who have children, as well as an individual and their spouse. If you are someone who likes to get the business done the old way, insurance agents are also hired by the company to make sure that every policyholder is covered by their policy.

There are different policy coverage that one can expect from Combined Insurance Company of America. You can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • a payment of up to $800 for a qualified hospital admission;
  • $200 per day for hospital stays;
  • up to $100 for an ER visit from an accident; and 
  • up to $100,000 for accidental loss of life. 

The policy, once approved, is valid for any person who wants to take advantage of it. They also offer some supplemental health insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance for those who want to be fully protected in their time of need. 

The important thing to remember here is to make sure that the health insurance and the accident insurance that you get from the company is one that has a specific list of covered accidents. You will need to get an insurance personal accident policy checked and make sure that you get even only a brief description of the insurance services that are offered to you and your policy.

Liberty Mutual Insurance4. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is another insurance company that provides the top accident insurance personal level that people can get. The covered accident list is clear and out of pocket expenses are minimal as long as the documentation is properly done.

Once you file a claim, the company has a policy of assigning a dedicated representative to the claimant. This makes it easy for them to have a safe, fast, and smooth transaction. The individual contact would then actively update you on the status of your claim. The funds are also paid directly to the claimant.

One of the best characteristics of this coverage is the fact that they know that an accident occurs not just in terms of the medical emergencies but emergency dental procedures as well. The monthly premium is affordable and it is considered as the best insurance policy provider in terms of their claims support. 

If you have already claimed support on your insurance, you probably know that you may still spend dollars out of pocket if you do not have someone who can help you manage the process. This is where the dedicated representative of the company would come in and help you out with the process. 

Established in 1912, the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is much more than just an insurance company. They have become a part of the lives of many individuals not just in the United States but in many countries and economies as well. Emergency care, claim form, and other experiences and additional coverage that you may need may be provided by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

Guardian insurance5. The Guardian Life Insurance Of America

The Guardian Life Insurance of America is another provider that is considered as part of the top in terms of companies that provide coverage. Dubbed as the best personal accident insurance company providing accident insurance plans in the United States, the Guardian Life Insurance of America is the best in terms of customer service.

One of the main reviews about the Guardian Life Insurance of America is the fact that they offer the best customer service in the United States. Because of the direct customer support that is available from Monday through Friday, they have been rated as one of the best by many evaluators. The best part is that there is no waiting period for the accident insurance to kick in so the user of the accident insurance will definitely appreciate the immediate protection that it has to offer.

What Does The Top Best Personal Accident Insurance Provider Have in Common?

If you would notice every single company on the list of the top providers of personal accident insurance, health insurance, and life insurance would have a different requirement and offer. It depends primarily on the kind of accident insurance plans that the buyer would get as well as the kind of cash benefits that the policyholder wants to have.

As most agents would say, the claim of cash benefits is on a case to case basis or a contract by contract basis. However, there are some characteristics that every good company would offer that makes them stand out from the rest of the companies trying to enter the market. Let us provide you with a short list:

Clear Accident Insurance Plan

A clear accident insurance plan is necessary. Accident insurance policies are often on a take it or leave it basis. If you would notice, a clear policy is shared by the above list. The requirement of a medical exam, the insurance services that are part of the coverage, and the accident covered as clear. The choice now depends on the accident covered.

Covered Accident List

The Accident Covered List must be comprehensive enough. This is what is shared by the companies on the list. How the coverage will be paid directly, whether the coverage includes physical therapy, as well the surplus lines insurer clause must be on the list provided by the insurance provider. 

Clear Accident Insurance Policy

The policy must use clear terms. Worldwide property casualty must show the complete details. The family plan should also cover disease control as well as any additional cost that may be covered by the policy. Will the proceeds of the products go directly to your bank account? What are the non insurance products that can be a rider to the policy? Are there limitations to medical appliances used? Are there limitations to where the proceeds would go such as if you die, can your children use the money for their college tuition? These are important questions that must be answered clearly on the policy.

Get An Insurance Coverage

Whether you have already decided on a company or not, the fact of the matter is that you should get one. Given the current reality of life that we have no idea about whether or not life will throw another curveball your way, you should make sure that you do what you can to protect yourself and your family. A Pennsylvania Insurance Company or a Morefar Insurance Agency can help you with your needs for an accident insurance policy. However, we have already provided you with a list of companies that may give you the best accident insurance policies.

Choose from among the best companies out there. We have already provided you with a list, all you have to do is choose.